In building a custom recordset, I need to match a server-based table.<BR><BR>Here is how I&#039;m creating the recordset:<BR><BR> Set WBAppDtRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "SessionID", adInteger, 4<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "WBAppHdrRID", adInteger, 4<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "OptionCode", adChar, 20<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "TypeCode", adChar, 3<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "Intended", adNumeric, 5<BR> WBAppDtRS.Fields.Append "NewProd", adChar, 1<BR> Set Application("WBAppDtRS") = WBAppDtRS<BR><BR>The Intended field is defined in the server table as Numeric <BR>with a length of 5 (in table design view), However, if I <BR>dbl-click the table name, the field is defined in the table<BR>properties dialog as DataType:Numeric, Size:5(9,2).<BR><BR>Now, when I try to post data to this custom recordset like this:<BR><BR> Dim WBAppDtRS<BR> Set WBAppDtRS = Application("WBAppDtRS")<BR> WBAppDtRS.AddNew<BR> WBAppDtRS("WBAppHdrRID") = GetAppHdrRID<BR> WBAppDtRS("OptionCode") = GetOptionCode<BR> WBAppDtRS("TypeCode") = GetTypeCode<BR> WBAppDtRS("Intended") = sIntended &#039; Error on this line<BR> WBAppDtRS("NewProd") = GetNewProd<BR> WBAppDtRS.Update<BR><BR>I get an error "Multiple-step operation generated errors. <BR> Check each status value."<BR><BR>I have Response.Write each value and they are correct.<BR><BR>What could be the problem here? I&#039;ve also tried to cast the<BR>sIntended variable to other types with no success.<BR><BR>