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    Sachin Nayak Guest

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    How do i know which version of ASP am i using.<BR>is it ASP1, or ASP2 or ASP3.<BR><BR>Is it dependent on some DLL or the IIS that i am using ?

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    It depends on what version of IIS you are using. If you are using IIS 5 or greater, you are using ASP 3.0 (which is only on Win2k). If you are using IIS 4 or 3 (I&#039d wager you are using one of these), then you are using ASP 2.0. If you are using IIS 2, then you are using ASP 1.0.<BR><BR>You can download IIS 4 for free from Microsoft&#039s site, if you need it (<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Sachin Nayak Guest

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    Thanks Scott<BR>

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