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Thread: Permission denied on scriptobject.createtextfile

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    I am trying to create a file upload system but the folder where I want to copy my files to keeps coming up with Permission Denied.<BR><BR>My code is <BR><BR>filepathname = UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("FileName")<BR>fil ename = Right(filepathname,Len(filepathname)-InstrRev(filepathname,"\"))<BR>value = UploadRequest.Item("blob").Item("Value")<BR><BR><B R>&#039;Create FileSytemObject Component<BR> Set ScriptObject = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR><BR>&#039;Create and Write to a File<BR> pathEnd = Len(Server.mappath(Request.ServerVariables("PATH_I NFO")))<BR>Set MyFile = ScriptObject.CreateTextFile(Server.mappath("/UploadedFiles"))&"\"&filename)<BR><BR>What do I have to do to get permission. I asked the support bloke to give me permission and he said that he had for the IUSER_SERVER that IIS uses.<BR>

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    Default Hmmm.

    I think that user would also have to have "act as part of the operating system" permissions. I could be wrong but I&#039;d try that. That setting is in the Local Security Policy area.

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