Maybe I am not understanding this at all but, I am trying to set a page that lets users attach a file from their box and have it sent as an attachment using CDONTS. I keep getting a error &#039;80004005&#039; (UNKNOWN ERROR). Looking at the FAQ, I see that this error will pop up when the file dosent exist, correct? <BR>...<BR>Now in typing this I just thought that it is prpbably taking the path that I am giving it and trying to look on the server for the file, correct? <BR>...<BR>I decided to set up the file upload as a short-term fix for uploading the files to the DB(Access) itself. So if this IS happening, I am no better off then trying to upload the file to the server itself, correct? <BR>...<BR>Anyway if anyone has any input, on my speculations please let me know.