DSN-less vs OLE-DB on remote SQL server

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Thread: DSN-less vs OLE-DB on remote SQL server

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    Well, my posted question some week ago did not had<BR>the answer, so I feel free to go a level up.<BR><BR>SQL Hosting is expensive, so I would run my SQL@HOME<BR>on my xSDL connection, working with all necessary<BR>fixed Ip stuff, etc. The website would be on<BR>the upstream-provider. <BR><BR>Does anybody knows if You can make a connection with the OLE-DB method to an external SQL server (external from the hosted Website), <BR><BR>And beside the fact it works with OLE-DB or not (we tied up to<BR>DNS-less connection) How to secure the DSN password, that is<BR>sent from the website to the remote SQL server (yes, a pity it is MS SQL7), or is this done on the protocol level ?<BR><BR>Thanks to help me out !

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    As long as you could get a TCP/IP connection to the external SQL server you could access the data with a DSN or DSN-less. As long as you&#039;ve created a SQL account to handle this try and make a DSN to the machine through the IP address. A connection string you could use would go something like this:<BR><BR>"Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=(User Name);Password=(Password);Data Source=(Data Source)"<BR><BR>For security reasons I suggest you create a VPN between the 2 servers firewalls and use a DSN. This way nothing ever escapes out the back door to be sniffed, or spoofed.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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