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    having problems displaying database details saved to a database using ASP and SQL (SQL Server 2000)<BR>i run an insert procedure and return the @@identity column.<BR>i can see this by using a response.write.<BR>however, when i try and use it in a select statement i get an eof or bof error.<BR>i tried using the .nextrecordset method on the execute statement.<BR>if i copy the @@identity variable and use it with sql then i get the record set but for some reason asp can not see it immediately after the insert.

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    Default code please <eop>


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    @@identity will return the last identity value generated AFTER an insert.<BR><BR>If there was no insert or select into or any other statement where a row was actually inserted then the @@identity will NOT have a value.<BR><BR>I would suggest you actually go to and look up and R&D @@identity<BR><BR>

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