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    Default Date Format

    I have a problem with the date format on my machine.<BR>I have set the date format on my machine to dd/MM/yyyy.I query the database and get a date in the format dd/MM/yyyy but as soon as I convert it to Cdate or use FormatDateTime it returns it in the MM/dd/YYYY format. <BR>This is problem is happening only on my machine. The same code works fine when set up on another machine(different IIS Server).<BR>Please advise.....

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    Default Locale problem...

    It would appear that the machine you are having problems with has US English set as its "default locale". I am *not* an IIS user, so I don&#039;t know how to change the default, but that *should* be one way to solve the problem.<BR><BR>The other way is to change Session.LCID (perhaps in the Session_onStart code in Global.asa?) to whatever is needed for your situation.<BR><BR>What country are you in? I can tell you the right Session.LCID for that country.<BR><BR>

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