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Thread: SQL and OLE DB and ODBC

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    Default SQL and OLE DB and ODBC

    I have a SQL Insert statement that works fine when my connection string is through ODBC. However when I change to OLE DB, the SQL statement does not work and I get the invalid synthax error. IS there some difference in the way I have to structure my SQL statement for OLE DB? It seems strange that I would. It also seems that the error message thrown out by ODBC are more helpful in pinpointing the error than OLE DB? Is this the case?<BR><BR>I know I could use the AddNew method which would overcome the problem but I have already written the code and was just switching to see what sort of performance increase I would see.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any advice

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    Default post ur code here..

    whichever is appropriate only.. in guess u shouldnt be using the addnew method, rather use the insert statement of sql...

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