We have decided that our website does not really need or justify using Siteserver Commerce Edition 3 and are evaluating the process of migrating to an alternate solution.<BR><BR>How hard is this? What functions need to be re-programmed? We would be moving to a Windows 2000/IIS solution. Our commerce system has not been finished yet, so programming for a differente cart/payment service is not really an issue.<BR><BR>I am worried, though, about our user registration system, things like "Server.CreateObject("Commerce.SimpleList")" or ("Commerce.Dictionary"), and mscsShopperStorage, etc...<BR><BR>What kind of monster are we facing here? Where can I look for tips & tricks to ease the way?<BR><BR>I know that I may be asking for a lot here, but would just like to know where to begin and what to expect.<BR><BR>Thank you very much for any help,<BR><BR>Carlos E. Granier<BR>