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    I cannot pull a variable from a querystring. I use this format: newVar = request.querystring(varName). It simply doesn&#039;t pull in the value. I see the variable in the URL, but it just will not pull it in(so close, yet so far!). This thing has been giving me fits all day yesterday. I&#039;ve also noticed that my response.redirect isn&#039;t working, so I&#039;m beginning to wonder if its an IIS setting I don&#039;t have properly configured. I&#039;m running Win2K with IIS5. I access and pull info from databases fine using ADO, so I know the SQL Server connects fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!<BR>John

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    Default and *why* is this advanced?

    this is an question that should perfectly fit in the Q&A forum<BR><BR>Request.querystring("varName") (notice the quotes??)<BR><BR>might I suggest to read faq #170 on www.aspfaqs.com?

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