I&#039;m a web application developer with 2yrs experience developing web applications using ASP, SQL, HTML and this past year, I started using XML/XSL in my applications. I have strong knowledge of SQL Server 2000 database (knowledgable of T-SQL, making triggers and stored procedures, and applying RDBMS principals) as well as MS Access. Good knowledge of Oracle, Visual Basic, C++ and Java as well. My commercial experience has been creating e-commerce applications and web sites. <BR><BR>I am currently looking for an opportunity where I can apply my skills and possibly learn some new skills or upgrade my skills in other areas such as Java and Oracle. <BR><BR>You can view my resume at <BR>http://members.home.net/b.oneill00/BON_Resume.html <BR><BR>my email is bf_oneill@canada.com