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    How can you post information to another page.<BR><BR>I have set the &#060;form action="newpage.aspx" ....&#062;<BR>but when i do a request.form on the newpage.asp on page load command it doesn&#039;t show anything.<BR><BR>Can anyone explain how to do this.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Riz

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    My best guess would be that you don&#039;t have method=post in your form tag. If thats not it, one reason might be that your control isn&#039;t actually named what you think it is on the page anymore. will sometimes rename the control if it is within another control (such as a datagrid, to DataGridWhatever_Ctrl1_Yourname). I would look at the source to make sure. <BR><BR>Other than that, I would need to see the whole form tag, and the tag of the control you are trying to get data from.

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