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    I am new to this I was woundering I have my website name payed for if I wanted to host my own server how do I do this? I really need to know how to start my own server from my computer for myself or can I do that please help thanks.

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    you&#039;ll need it pointed to a DNS Server, which in turn will point to the address of your server. Who did you buy the domain from? usually registrars offer DNS or forwarding services.<BR><BR>the best solution, rather than hosting it on your own machine is to get a proper server. I can do you a windows 2000 accouint for $100 per year (cheapest full ASP account I&#039;ve seen). Some ISPs have terms forbidding users from hosting sites on their own machines, besides which, a real server will be faster and more robust.<BR><BR>all you&#039;ll have to do then is point the name at my DNS srvers and you have a site.<BR><BR>details :<BR><BR>j<BR>

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