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    I wanna have some scheduled tasks type of things in my website?<BR>Will someone help me?<BR><BR>My desired application is a little bit different yet here is a similar application.<BR>I have a database in which I have different users, their e-mail addresses and their LAST ACTIVITY DATE. I give them a warning while they are making one account with me that if they do not happen to access their e-mail account for 2 months, they&#039;ll be removed from the list.<BR><BR>Removing manually is a child play.<BR>"delete from mydatabase where lastactivity&#060;#12/12/2000#"<BR><BR>but what about the auto opertions. I need something on my website that runs exactly at 12:00 AM without my interference.<BR><BR>My actual desired application is newletter application that will send mails exactly at 12:00 AM. <BR><BR>I actually need a trigger. If someone help me about getting a trigger, I&#039;ll do the rest myself including the automatic formation of the sql query, deletion, mail sending etc.<BR><BR>Hope I get help soon!<BR><BR>Bye!<BR>MIMalik<BR><BR>

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    Default Many ways

    Schedule in enterprise manager<BR>OR<BR>Use AT and have NT schedule an exe to do what ever you want<BR>OR<BR><BR><BR>as for the trigger<BR>

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