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    I am using the following SQL to delete records selected through check boxes;<BR><BR>"DELETE FROM tblOrganisation WHERE tblOrganisation.ORGANISATIONID IN (" & intOrganisationIDDelete & ")"<BR><BR>What is the simplest way of using this string of values (intOrganisationIDDelete) to replace them, in the database with one value (ie. the number 1). So that all the values selected from intOrganisationIDDelete now have the value 1 in the ORGANISATIONID field. I am using Access

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    If you are deleting them, what will be there to replace???<BR><BR>but this is what you will need<BR><BR>update tblOrganisation set ORGANISATIONID =1 where ORGANISATIONID IN (" & intOrganisationIDDelete & ")"<BR>

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