Hi, <BR><BR>I have a screen that shows a list of events and allows users to add new events. <BR><BR>Now the thing is an event can be for more than a day. If an event is for 2 days then the user will have to enter the same event twice (will have to fill a form which has got &#039;event title&#039;, details, location, ticket price, time, state,<BR> organization etc)with just the difference in the date. <BR><BR>Now i am asked to provide functionality so that, when the user clicks some kind of a button called &#039;duplicate&#039;,<BR>the event should be duplicated. <BR><BR>BTW:Upon button click we may have to raise an ASP page / dialog box to prompt the user for the event that he wants to duplicate.<BR><BR>My question is how to raise a small ASP page / dialog box on button click. In case if the user gives some value to represent an event, How do i take it back from the client and process it on the server. <BR><BR>Any ideas (may be different) to accomplish this kind of functionalty and especially some code will be greatly helpful. <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Shyam.