Hi, I have a Windows 2000 web server that has 512 RAM installed. It only has about 20 web sites, and ran fine for months until up to a few days ago. Most of the sites are ASP intensive. <BR><BR>Two days ago, it began running out of memory and crashing. No new software has been added recently, but some new ASP development has been done. <BR><BR>I have been building some counter logs, and the behaviour goes like this: <BR><BR>Memory usage slowly builds into the 400 Meg area over the course of several hours. Then, all of sudden, memory usage begins shooting up through the roof consuming almost all virtual memory within a few more hours. I have increased virtual memory from 800 meg to 1.5 gig to try to help out, but it really just gives me a bit more time to reboot the server. Also, CPU usage dramatically increases when the acceleration of memory usage begins. <BR><BR>There are no events being logged that correspond to the time the memory takes off. <BR><BR>I have tried to reboot IIS instead of rebooting the server, but IIS will not restart (it gives no reason why). If I restart IIS before the memory usage accelerates, I have no problem restarting. <BR><BR>This problem often happens at night when the traffic is very low. <BR><BR>Are there certain counters that I should be logging to identify the problem? Also, are there ways to try to identify which site or even which ASP page might be causing the problem? Does anyone have any theories on this problem? <BR><BR>Regards, Greg Howlett <BR>