It&#039s simple, or so it should be. I have a quiz that uses cases instead of multiple pages.<BR><BR>Ok, but the problem is there are only session variables and no form fileds so I am having a hard time getting cdonts to work by submitting the quiz results.<BR><BR>In other words, if there is a case that is the results page, how do I get THAT page to be emailed, when the whole quiz is still one file?<BR><BR>It&#039s nuts. If you need to see the code of the case, here it is: (NOTE: The IF statement is ingored to save time-thank you ) :-)<BR><BR> Else<BR> Response.Write "Sorry! You needed to achieve a score of "<BR> Response.Write Session("PercentageToPass") & "% or higher to pass. "<BR> Response.Write "Unfortunately, your score was only " & iScore & "%. "<BR> Response.Write "You can take the test again by clicking &#060;A HREF="""<BR> Response.Write ("") & """&#062;here&#060;/A&#062;.<BR>" & vbCrLf<BR> End If<BR><BR>There&#039s the problemo. WHere in that bugger does the cdonts go so I can simply email that results. Also, ignore that url part. I will remove that later, it was a false attempt to have them click a link for the emailed result to go to teacher.<BR><BR>Have a good day<BR><BR>Joel