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Thread: Error handling in VB and ASP

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    I do this dll that i should use on some asp pages. I want the programmer of the asp page to decide what to do if an error occur and therefore need to parse errors from the COM object to the asp page .. i have tried to just raise an error from VB and do If err.number in ASP but that didnt work .. <BR><BR>Ofcourse i can add an extra parameter to all functions like "error" and always return the error that occured in that but thats an kinda ugly soulotion .. anyone have any ideas ..?

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    Could you send me your VB dll code,<BR>according to I can redesign it so that it works as you wish.<BR>But I can write only one function as an example and than you can make smilar changes to other sub and functions.<BR>Remember : I work with VB6.0 with SP3<BR><BR>Also I will write inc and asp pages to show how it works.<BR><BR>Use mail adress as<BR><BR>Good works

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