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Thread: Diff. Language OS and Data store with ASP in SQL s

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    Default Diff. Language OS and Data store with ASP in SQL s

    Dear Friends,<BR><BR>I am using SQL server 7 with ASP. I have two working environment means one is korean and second it english.<BR>- one Korean OS server have SQL server 7.0 and it is my database server <BR>- second Korean OS server is only webserver<BR>- English OS is win2k and it is only Web server.<BR><BR><BR>1) When i used both Korean server as my webserver + database server then there is no problem to add Korean Data to SQL server On korean OS.<BR><BR>2) But when I try to user English OS server as my webserver and Korean Os server as my database server then I am not able to store Korean Data in Database server insted of it stored some mis/junk/acssi characters in database.<BR><BR>-- I allready try with Korean version of MDAC of English os<BR>-- I also try with OEM feature in SQL server client network utility<BR>-- When I am use CODEPAGE in my .ASP page then data storage work fine .. but at the time of getting it back there is problem.<BR><BR><BR><BR>If u need any more information about problem then let me know.<BR><BR>So please help me in this regards.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance<BR>Anis Vora<BR>Partner<BR>Global SoftWeb Solutions<BR>www.globalsoftweb.com

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    Default This crosspost was already answered <eom>


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