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    Hi all.<BR><BR>I was just wondering if anyone here times their ASP pages, what sort of times they get, and what sort of range is considered good, acceptable, slow etc<BR><BR>Now, before you all go off at me......I DO realise that this is an "It depends" question. The site I am testing at the moment is a database driven article/tutorial site, so it is internet rather than intranet. <BR><BR>I was just wondering if anyone had some figures they would like to throw out there.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Damian

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    anything over a second in processing time is too slow, UNLESS it&#039;s necessary to do a large amount of processing for a specific reason. general pages &#060;1sec

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    Timed no : Tested yes<BR><BR>Performance Testing with the Web Application Stress Tool<BR><BR>

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