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    I have this text file, I have so it reads the data in it.<BR>around twenty lines long. But I would like the user to be able to edit file( I got the done), and save it back to the file.<BR><BR>How would I go about making it save back to its self.<BR>I guess if possible I would like it to delete the info and re-save the info in to the same file.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    Put the data you read from the file into a textarea:<BR><BR>&#060;TEXTAREA Name="theText"&#062;&#060;% = InFile.ReadAll %&#062;&#060;/TEXTAREA&#062;<BR><BR>Put that in a form.<BR><BR>Submit the form.<BR><BR>In the page submitted to, write all the contents of the textarea [ from Request("theText") ] to the file.<BR><BR>You have NO CHOICE but to "delete the info and re-save...". If you simply open the file for writing, that&#039;s what happens, automatically!<BR><BR>

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