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    Well, here&#039;s the problem:<BR><BR>We are developing a site that will have a file repository feature; in essence, the administrator can upload a file, and users can go to the site to retrieve. We are keeping a log of downloads (who, what, when) so we need to go to a page to take care of that-a "log page". We record it and then redirect to another page where the download actually takes place, "forcing" it so that Word and other known file types won&#039;t get displayed in the browser. Using ASPSmartUpload, it works fine...unless the client is Internet Explorer 5.5 on PC.<BR><BR>In the case of 5.5, it prompts for the save and saves the "log page" as html. I have reviewed and even tested the [Response.Addheader "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" & strFileName] solutions posted elsewhere on the message board and other ASP sites with no luck for the 5.5 problem.<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone here might have any input. Many thanks in advance.

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    You could try an add the following line:<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = "application/unknown"<BR><BR>The code posted below work fine for me in IE5.5, although I use SAFileUp for the download, may this is an option. SAFileUP ( is an *great* Up/download manager (nope it&#039;s not free):<BR><BR>sDownlPath = Server.MapPath("../downl") & "\"<BR>sFullpath = sDownlPath & sFileName<BR>Response.Addheader "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" & sFileName<BR>set oFS = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Filesystemobject")< BR>set oF = oFS.GetFile(sFullPath)<BR>Response.AddHeader "Content-Length", oF.Size<BR>set oF = nothing<BR>set oFS = nothing<BR>Response.ContentType = "application/unknown"<BR>Response.CacheControl = "public"<BR>Set objDownload = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")<BR>objD ownload.TransferFile sFullpath<BR>Response.End

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