If you ever have to code for Netscape like I do (argh), the following code might help. Netscape does not render empty table cells very well. So I&#039;m appending them with empty spaces in the PreRender event (as opposed to appending to data in the dataset, performance issue).<BR><BR><BR>Sub Page_PreRender( s As Object, e As EventArgs )<BR> <BR>&#039;* This loop appends a blank space to each field in the datagrid<BR>&#039;* so that Netscape can render empty cells correctly for fields<BR>&#039;* that contain no data. <BR>&#039;* "DataGridItem" represents a row in the datagrid control.<BR><BR>Dim row As DataGridItem<BR>Dim i as Integer<BR><BR>For Each row In grdDataGrid.Items<BR><BR> For i = 0 To grdDataGrid.Columns.Count - 1<BR> row.Cells(i).Text = row.Cells(i).Text & "&amp;nbsp;*"<BR> Next i<BR><BR>Next row<BR><BR>End Sub