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    This is a very basic question - what does it mean when people say "base your designs on an 800 by 600 resolution"? I know what it is, but I have a table in Dreamweaver that I have set to be 800w x 600h. But when I change my screen res from 1024 X 768 to 800 X 600 I still get scroll bars on my pages even though the width is set to 800 x 600 on my table? Can anyone explain? TIA, G.

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    The 800 x 600 is the size of the entire screen. The web browser window is actually much smaller due to the menus, scrollbars, and borders of the web browser. Oh and don&#039;t forget the Windows taskbar. <BR><BR>To get an idea of what you can fit in a browser at 800x600, set your resolution back to 1024 x 768. Create an 800x600 colored table in your browser. Now open a second browser window over the first one, and resize the 2nd window so that the whole browser is the same size as the table. Now you have agood idea of where you page will scroll. But keep in mind that some people have diffrent menus, options selected. So keep your designs flexible.<BR><BR>Designing for 800 x 600 is basically a tradeoff. It&#039;s difficult to make designs that look equally good in very large resolutions as well as very small resolutions. So a "target" resolution of 800x600 is commonly chosen because that is what most web viewers use. What you need to do is make designs that look good at 800 x 600 but that can scale to fit different resolutions, although they may not look as good. The best way to do that is to avoid usinge fixed widths in your tables, unless it&#039;s for a specific purpose.

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