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Thread: Looping Displayed Files From a Directory

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    How do I setup a table where it contains ten (10) columns and as many rows as it takes to display all the files (ie. gifs & jpgs) in a given directory? Please email me with your help: losbear@yahoo.com - thanks all!

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    The whole point of a public forum like this is that you might not be the only one interested in the answer to a question!<BR><BR>************************<BR><BR>* IF* you don&#039;t mind that the files are displayed *across* the page rather than down, it&#039;s dirt easy.<BR><BR>That is, they will come out like this (using just 3 columns for example purposes):<BR><BR>aaa.jpg bbb.jpg ccc.jpg<BR>ddd.jpg eee.jpg fff.jpg<BR>... etc. ...<BR><BR>But if you mean you want<BR><BR>aaa.jpg ddd.jpg ggg.jpg<BR>bbb.jpg eee.jpg hhh.jpg<BR>ccc.jpg fff.jpg &#060;blank&#062;<BR><BR>Then that&#039;s a lot harder. You&#039;ll have to pull all the files into an array, first, and then display the page from the array, processing them in the "interleaved" order.<BR><BR>

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