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    I never had this trouble with MS SQL 7, but I received the following error from MS SQL 2000 running on Win 2000 Advanced Server:<BR><BR>"Login failed for user &#039;sa&#039;. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."<BR><BR>Username "sa" always worked with SQL 7, but on SQL 2000, the default databases have the user "dbo" with the login "sa." However, the database I created, only has one user: "dbo" with no login name. I cannot edit this in any way. A friend said he had the same problem and so went back to SQL 7. But I would like to stick with SQL 2000. Can anyone tell me how to solve this? Thank you.<BR>

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    SQL Server was probally installed with using WIndows authenication, or Mixed mode.<BR><BR>It&#039;s trying to authenticate via Windows.

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