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    Hey Everyone, <BR>For some reason my test environment (Win2k Server) is now sporadically giving me an error message ("The requested resource is in use.") when I try to access .ASP pages. This happened once before, and the guys in Network Services had to reformat to fix it. <BR>It was just working, and now its busted off & on. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont. <BR>Anyone have ANY idea what could cause this? MS Technet was no help. The only things that were changed on the server were some DCom settings & the harddrives were defragged. <BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.

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    Select the vhost in question, open the properties dialogue and look under the Configuration tab. Is caching disabled? If so, re-enable it, restart the vhost, and this should fix your problem. However, you may then experience problems with updating files - i.e. you edin an ASP file and the updates do not show on the webiste. If you go back into the properties dialogue, under the Home Directory tab, and set the Application Protection to "High" then this should fix that problem! Hope this helps.

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