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    I am trying to validate a form. When a user submits the form, it goes to a validation page where the input is placed into session variables. If there is any bad input, the user is redirected to the original form. However, since I do not want the user to have to re-enter all the information. I have the input field values set to equal the session variables. This works great except for the pull-down fields. I can&#039;t get those values set. Even though when I do a response.write, the value is there. Here is an example of the code.<BR><BR>&#060;select id=select2 name=ServiceDescription value="&#060;%=Session("strServiceDescription")%&# 062;"&#062;<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas?

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    you could use java on the form to validate the pulldowns (or the whole form for that matter).

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