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    I am trying to make a quiz, which stores results and participants details. I am using Ultradev and am using a search page to select a particular set of questions and answers from a table. I then need to submit the answer selection made by the participants. How do I make a results page like this into an insert page?<BR>One other thing. I need to randomise the order of the answers, so that the correct answer doesn&#039;t continuously appear in the same position. Any suggestions.<BR>Thank you<BR>marta

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    &#062; Any suggestions.<BR><BR>Yes. Don&#039;t use Ultradev.<BR><BR>Oh, use it to build the basics, but then go away from it when it comes to things like randomizing questions.<BR><BR>Answering the rest of your question is tough, without knowing what the form you build for the questions will look like.<BR><BR>How are the form fields named? Are these all multiple choice questions? What does the table in the DB where you will store the answers look like? Or *will* you even store the user&#039;s answers? Is it a just-for-fun quiz so all you are going to do is tell them how they did and then toss away their answers?<BR><BR>In other words, we&#039;d need *TONS* more details before we could help you with the specific issues.<BR><BR>

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