So I just installed IIS SMTP service on our web server to handle some ASP scripting, etc that we need to do. This computer is separate from our imail server. As soon as the service started on the web server ALL mail on our network began to flow through it. Since security was set to only allow authenticated users to send mail it started returning every message. I am completely in the dark as to how this can happen. We have a record for each domain in the DNS server pointing to the appropriate address on the mail server. We have an MX record specifying that name as the mail server for each domain. How can the other server forcefully begin intercepting mail? I didn’t even know this was possible. The kicker is that when I attempted to send an email from my computer without changing my configuration at all it got returned to me. My computer is configured to send mail through our Imail server, yet somehow my mail was returned to me by the IIS server. As soon as I stopped the SMTP service on the web server everything went back to normal. Please help!!<BR><BR>Ben Roy<BR>System Administrator<BR>Innova Technologies<BR><BR>