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    Hi<BR><BR>I am building an ecommerce site that replies on you to be logged in before you can purchase anything. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how I can go about having a form that a user can put in their email address and then it will mail them their password if they have already regisered but forgotton it.<BR><BR>I would really appreciate any help as this has been bugging me for days.<BR><BR>Thanks alot.<BR><BR>Caroline

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    1. Create a regular form that accepts an e-mail address as input<BR>2. Have the form post to an ASP page (E.g. email.asp)<BR>3. Have the email.asp page look at the forms collection for the field that contains the user&#039s e-mail address<BR>4. Have it compare it to the database which contains the e-mail addresses and associated passwords<BR>5. Use CDONTS and the Microsoft SMTP service to compose and send a message to the user which includes their password

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