I am having a major problem with Full text indexing at present, and I&#039;m near to pulling my hair out (if I had any - that is)<BR><BR>When trying to create a full text catalogue - I can go through the wizard defining everything as per normal - and at the point where it starts to run it, I get an error returned:<BR><BR>"An Unknown full-text failure (80004005) occured in function EnumCatalogs on full-text catalog"<BR><BR>I have looked that the MSDN and numerous Microsoft articles about this and have also tried everything they have suggested including un-installing FT and re-installing.. upgrading to the lastest Service Pack - and removing security around the folders it needs (did this by setting them to everyone, full control) yet I am still getting this problem.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to get around this, as I have a large database which is increasing by the day and I can&#039;t catalog it.<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR><BR>C. Crawley.