I have a vbs file (pasted below with sensitive data removed) that calls an ASP file. This worked fine till yesterday. I can surf to the asp file and run it as normal and it works fine. But not via the vbs. The asp page checks a DB and sends an Email if a condition is true. I have debugged to ensure the condition is true and I *do* receive the email when I run the ASP in my browser. I&#039;m not familiar with the syntax in the VBS file coz I got it from an article so am not sure what to debug. Nothing has changed NTFS-wise or network-wise (to my knowledge) so am stumped as to why it suddenly does nothing! Have also checked the event viewer.<BR>The code...<BR>Sub MyASPJob() <BR> <BR> Dim oXMLHttp <BR> Dim sURL <BR> <BR> on error resume next <BR><BR> Set oXMLHttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.3.0") <BR> sURL = "http://username:password:domain@www.xxxxx.com/xxx/xxx/querys/remote.asp"<BR> <BR> oXMLHttp.open "GET", sURL, false <BR> oXMLHttp.send() <BR><BR> if oXMLHttp.status = 200 Then <BR> &#039; sucessfull <BR> else <BR> &#039; Failed <BR> end if <BR> <BR>Set oXMLHttp = nothing <BR><BR>End Sub <BR><BR>Call MyASPJob()