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    I was curious if anyone out there could recommend a good logfile analyzer? Most of the ones I have ever seen were Perl, I was wondering if there was an ASP solution out there I have missed. It would be MUCH better if it was a free solution (since my employer is unlikely to spend money on this kind of thing). Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks! ;)

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    Well.<BR>There is many component available that show status and Log info and watch other server performance and activities.<BR><BR>Besides you can have a simple solution.<BR><BR>Here is how you can you solve.<BR><BR>You have Two choice<BR><BR>1. use FSO Object to Grab Files and use small Script to analysis.<BR>2. use your global.asa and write a small script using Access Database.Grab all requests and put into database. I belive second method is onlly good for keep visitors track. <BR><BR>YOu can implement the First one using FSoOBject with custom scripting that is best for your custom need.<BR><BR>Have a Happy Codding.<BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR>A.Ali<BR> ali4d@hotmail.com<BR><BR>

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