How do I E-Mail form using ASP

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Thread: How do I E-Mail form using ASP

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    I am trying to e-mail form information to an a variety of e-mail accounts. What I do not know how to do is make the information e-mail itself. <BR> If you know where I could get the way to make it work I would appreciate it. I have searched through this sight and I have had little luck. Is this a function that I can call or do I have to get it custom and put it on my server? I would appreciate any help that you could give me.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Brandon

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    IIS 4.0 has a built in SMTP server for sending e-mail from ASP, but you have to choose to install the SMPT server in the IIS 4 setup. If you have IIS 4 with SMPT installed, you can find the code at, that&#039s where I found it.<BR><BR>If you have IIS 3, then you need to install a component, go to and go to their component section, there are a few free e-mail components there. Let me know if you need anymore help.<BR><BR>Nathan

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