vbscript or jscript on server side??

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Thread: vbscript or jscript on server side??

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    Default vbscript or jscript on server side??

    hi!<BR><BR>now here is a thing I&#039;ve been wondering about for weeks and would like to here some expert opinion on. Now, is there any reason for why I should not stop completely using VBScript and switch over to JScript on SERVER side? Until now I&#039;ve been using VS on server and JS on the client and I find Jscript to be so more powerful for example when working with strings and arrays. Since it has the same capability to work with server objects, why should I actually continue with VBscript? It will have the same support in the future, there already are groups using it (and so I could find help when trapped just like in vbscript) and it has good documentation on the MSDN web site just as vbscript... <BR><BR>So what do you think?? Would the code run slower than vbscript? Buggier? Any specific problems or limitations??<BR><BR><BR>I would be most happy to have your comments!

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    Default No reason

    og ahead and only use JS...the reason i use VBS on the server is cause my JS skills are lacking.<BR><BR>

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    Default I like jscript

    I prefer Jscript because of its ability to create "objects" (of sorts), with statements, and try/catch blocks. And as a bonus, it will be used in .Net and one could make the jump from javascript to c# given both have java like syntax.<BR><BR>just my 2 cents :)

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