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    Hi all - sorry to repost, but guess 4 hours is ok right!??<BR><BR>Anyway....<BR><BR>...I know it&#039;s possible to display a pop-up window using javascript using the mouseover event. <BR><BR>My question is, is this possible within a dropdown option box, for example... if i have a list of training courses available to the user, can i display a popup window with a brief description when the user moves the mouse over a course within the dropdown?? <BR><BR>- has anyone done this, got any examples?? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Steve <BR>

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    Yeah, 4 hours is fine for reposting, thanks for the heads-up. I&#039;m going to take a stab at this, and unless someone wants to contradict me, I&#039;m almost positive this can&#039;t be done. Individual options within dropdown boxes don&#039;t respond to the onMouseOver/onMouseOut events, only the dropdown box itself can have methods.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, I can&#039;t think of anything creative off the top of my head that would even come close to simulating what you&#039;d need.

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