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    I&#039m quite new to ASP, so I hope that some "guru" will hear my SOS...<BR>I&#039ve developped a Bibliographic database using an Access mdb file and ASP.<BR>There is a general form for inserting text data in some field and to select already present fields from other tables to compose the main record (i.e. selection from Authors table to add author/s to the bibliographic object). The general form include buttons to add also elements in the various table from which they are selected (i.e. if i need to insert a new author before selecting it) and these buttons calls with "onclick" a javascript instruction location.replace() to go to the new insert page to introduce a new field in some table (i.e. new author). But after inserting a new element in a sub-table, coming back at the general form, I loose the already made selections in the various combo boxes and the text introduced in text lines. <BR>Is there a way to avoid this obstacoling problem?<BR>Session variables?<BR>other hints?<BR>Thanks in advance for your kind attention!<BR><BR>Beppe

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    Send the data through a query string and then use request to "get it back" once you have entered the new info and passed back into the previous page. Or - pass the info into a session-state variable...i think is how you do it (no blaming me for wrong info though...)

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