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    I have this problem: I have ASP pages that I developed for a client.<BR><BR>My problem is that I have to put the pages on his server and if I do then he will have Access to my code, which I don&#039;t want.<BR><BR>I made a research and found that the only possible way is to do a Component which has to be developped in Visual C++. Is there any other way to Protect the code?<BR><BR>I really appreciate any Input.<BR>thanx<BR>Bob

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    Default Well...maybe

    First of all there is no way to hide your source code inside an .asp file. Like you said you could always make a .dll file but it doesnt have to be in C++. You can create a .dll using VB.<BR><BR>Before you start thinking about using this approach, you need to understand that in order for your code to work you&#039;ll have to install this .dll on the customers server. Can that be a problem ???<BR><BR>Also if you want to make any changes inside your COM object then you&#039;ll have to ask him to stop his services in order for you to make the modifications and then re-register your .dll and then re-start the services. Now if you dont have a physical access to the server you&#039;ll meed to talk with the sysadmin over there. Unless you can use PC Anywhere or another software.<BR><BR><BR>Now you realize that this can be time consuming for you and then. The maintance with COM objects can be a pain. <BR><BR>And if I read your post correctly, the only reason why is because you don&#039;t want them to access/see your source code.<BR><BR>Well if you really want to go with all of them just to avoid them to see your source then thats your thing.<BR><BR>Meanwhile whats so important in your code so that they can&#039;t see it ?

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