Hi all,<BR><BR>I am having a problem with the following code which I adapted from ASPFAQs section. I am basically trying to search records between 2 given dates entered from a form.<BR><BR>firstDate = CDate( Request.Form("startDate") )<BR>lastDate = CDate( Request.Form("endDate") )<BR><BR>&#039; start database search<BR>set rs=db.execute("select*from cust where sdate BETWEEN #" & firstDate & "# AND #" & lastDate & "#")<BR><BR>The problem I am having with this is that the only data returned is the values entered into the form <BR><BR>E.g<BR>First Date =10/10/2001<BR>End Date =12/10/2001<BR><BR>It will return values only containg these values. Now if I were to type int the following<BR><BR>First Date =10/10/2001<BR>End Date =15/10/2001<BR><BR>It only returns the first record containing the same value as the First date. Why is this? It does not include values containing 11,12,13 or 14.<BR><BR>What do I do?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR><BR>