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    I have two queries:<BR>1. I would like to recive an e-mail notifying me every time a user abandons a form on my web site without completing it. Can this be generated?<BR>2. Whenever anyone registers at my site using my ASP forms, an e-mail is generated containing their data that is sent to me and their info is imported in my Customer Relationship Management system (with SQL back-end). The CRM allocates a unique account number for each client. I would like to e-mail these clients using HTML with links to various pages on my web site. Is there a way for their unique account number to be embedded in the e-mail so that when they click on the link they are recognised by the web site?<BR>Any information will be grovellingly received! Many thanks in anticipation.<BR>Ian Rutter

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    For part 1,<BR>Call a Javascript function in the onbeforeunload event of the body tag.<BR><BR>&#060;body onbeforeunload="CheckTheForm()"&#062;<BR><BR>The CheckTheForm() function can then check all the fields in the form and if the are not all completed can either display a message to the user or open a new page which sends you an email before moving them to the next page.<BR><BR>For part 2, you could include their account number in the querystring of the link<BR><BR><BR>

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