Hi<BR><BR>I have been looking at the other posts for mailing information from an asp page but none seem to apply to me.<BR><BR>I have an asp page the user will fill out. When they click the submit button I want to send the whole form to me as an attachment. I want to show the email message because they will enter text in the body of the message.<BR><BR>I have tried a number of different ways but the best one for me in using &#039;mailto&#039; as its the only one that actually lets you edit the message before you send it. I just don&#039;t know how to attach my form (or if I can). Is there anyway of saving the form quickly.<BR><BR>Next question is where to do it. I know I can use mailto on a href which is what I would like to do. Can I save the form from here as well or can I call mailto from a routine if needs be.<BR><BR>Any ideas anyone.<BR>