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Thread: HTML Form 'cleaning' from MS Word 2000

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    I&#039;ve an issue with MS WORD 2000 HTML formatting.<BR><BR>Seeking to copy/paste from Word into HTML Form, strip any custom Word tags, CSS, etc., but retain basic formatting: inc. Bold, Italic, Underline.<BR><BR>Does anybody have a sample of how to approach this?<BR><BR>At present my system relies on client copy/pasting pre-formatted HTML into form. They previously saved Word file as HTML, opened HTML file in browser, viewed source, copy/paste into field.<BR><BR>I want to eliminate the whole save as/ copy/paste HTML stage...

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    There&#039;s a tool you can download from Microsoft&#039;s Office site to do this:<BR><BR><BR>There&#039;s also a discussion on using this tool via a VB DLL:<BR><BR><BR>hth

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