Here is a challenge for you (it is for me at least)...<BR><BR>Simply convert the following LDAP search into VBScript!<BR><BR>URL SYNTAX<BR>=============<BR>ldap://st8en2/ou=people,o=Saudi Aramco,c=SA??sub?(uid=daotx)<BR><BR>COMMAND LINE SYNTAX<BR>====================<BR>./ldapsearch -v -u -h st8en2 -b "ou=groups,o=Saudi Aramco,c=SA" cn=proxy01 uniquemember=daotx<BR><BR>Here is the catch...<BR>Create it using a Getobject and IADS<BR><BR>For example...<BR>Set oLDAP = GetObject("LDAP://st8en2/ou=people,o=Saudi Aramco,c=SA")<BR><BR>Once you instantiate this object, how do you FILTER or SEARCH for a uniquemember?????<BR>Special Note: There are 25,000 unique uids, so you cant simply store them in an array, put the load on the server!<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR>Any feedback is welcome!<BR>Jeff Belaire<BR>