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Thread: MySQL and Learning Curve???

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    Hello all...<BR>I&#039;m wondering what the learning curve is for MySQL. Having been an asp dev for 2 years, I&#039;ve about had my fill with Access97/2000. <BR><BR>I beleive I&#039;m ready to move "up" to a more serious dbase...and MySQL is within my pocketbook range;-)<BR><BR>Can anyone offer the following? Is there much of a diff &#039;tween calls to Access and MySQL? What do I have to do differently, or, anyone point me at a book/online help for this? <BR><BR>Lastly, anyone here use MySQL? What&#039;s it like as far as simultaneous connections and it&#039;s ability to perform? Do you rate it &#039;higher&#039; than Access for webwork?<BR><BR>Thanks....<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR><BR>

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    I never used mySQL, but I would say from what I read that it performs far better than access. However, access is somwhat different. mySQL shouldn&#039;t be compared with Access but with MSSql.

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