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    I need to sort a recordset after to things...<BR><BR>I need something like this <BR><BR>Select * From Tabell ORDER BY Klasse And ORDER BY Time Asc<BR><BR>I need the output to be sorted first after the klasse field but by the time field within the klasse field...<BR><BR>So if I have:<BR>Klasse---------Time<BR>Naturfag-------10.02.01<BR>Humanist-------12.04.01<BR>Naturfag-------09.01.01<BR>Naturfag-------01.01.01<BR><BR>It should be have a output = this:<BR>Humanist-------12.04.01<BR>Naturfag-------01.01.01<BR>Naturfag-------09.01.01<BR>Naturfag-------10.02.01<BR><BR>Please help me...<BR><BR>Seb

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    Default As simple as your post..

    .<BR>Select * From Tabell ORDER BY Klasse, Time <BR><BR>You don&#039;t need "Asc", default is ascending.<BR><BR>

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