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    hello sir/mam<BR>i have to call this package from asp <BR>In the third select statement i have to generate an message in the exception no_data_found , telling user something<BR>how do i show this message in asp <BR>regards <BR>amit<BR><BR>PACKAGE BODY Process_Enrollments IS<BR><BR>PROCEDURE Enroll_Student<BR>(<BR>a NUMBER;<BR>b NUMBER;<BR>c NUMBER;<BR>) <BR><BR>BEGIN<BR><BR>select col into a from userpass;<BR><BR>select pass into b from userpass1;<BR><BR>begin<BR>select coll into c from userpass2<BR>where name = &#039;amit&#039;<BR><BR>exception<BR><BR>WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN<BR><BR>-- here i have to populate a msg to <BR>inform the user somehing something<BR>end;<BR><BR><BR>END Enroll_Student; <BR>END Process_Enrollments;<BR>

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    Default Put message into an output parameter.


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