I want to create a customer support chat application .Has to be implemented on 3 tier architecture.One reason for going about this type of application is,say if a customer posts his key and password to register his account with us,if he faces problem with the key then he be forwarded to online help with our customer care ,who be able to help them online<BR>Ist Tier -Client ,who require help,they be able to talk to our customer care(one - to - one)<BR>3rd Tier- Our Customer Service Representatives(CSR&#039;s) who will be seeing 10 customers at a time on their chat window,and whenever they click their names it will open up new window for one to one chatting with the customer.As soon as one CSR&#039;s picks up the one customer case then the other CSR&#039;s shouldn&#039;t be able to chat with that customer.Also one more important info about the 2nd tier is that it will be under proxy.<BR>2nd tier -Server ,maintaining queue ,max 255 customers,and as soon as one case is solved the customer in top of the queue is pushed to the CSR who is having less than 10 customers at that time.Also will like to know if by any chance we can achieve message pushing in asp,but ya without winsock.<BR> I have gone through the article for instant messaging and all the classes related to queue,list and stack creation.But I feel I require some more help.<BR> Also if somebody has answer to this I will be happy,if I would have used vb to achieve the above objective with winsock control ,how the server (2nd Tier) been able to send message to CSR&#039;s(3rd tier) who is under proxy.And if it can&#039;t be achieved,then how msn and other chat application works ????? <BR><BR>if anybody has first hand experience on this type of project and can share the code ,I will be ,can&#039;t express how happy I will be...<BR>