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    HI, <BR><BR>I have a form field that accepts &#039;TIME&#039; and other form field that accepts the cost of the ticket (Money field) in an ASP page. <BR>(Data Entry screen) <BR><BR>Can anybody tell me how to validate the &#039;TIME&#039; and the &#039;MONEY&#039; fields. I have to use JAVA SCRIPT for client side validation.<BR><BR>BTW: I am little bit confused about the design also.<BR>For time field, do i have to just put an input box?<BR>And for Money fields what if the user gives something like " 235 Dollars" .<BR><BR>let me know if there is any sample design with the vakidation code.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Shyam.<BR>

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    Default LOTS of validation examples...

    ...all over the web! Just do some searches for the popular JavaScript sites.<BR><BR>You might start with http://www.irt.org and the JavaScript FAQ there.<BR><BR>[ what does the DB you are using have to do with this, by the way? ]<BR><BR>For the time field, you could *certainly* use a &#060;SELECT&#062;, or two of them, to pick the hour and minutes, especially if you only need the minutes to the nearest 15 minutes, for example.<BR><BR>

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